Żaneta Auler. Opowiadacz Ameryki | Bio
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My story

1982 – 1990

“She fought like a lioness,” “The king of scoring,” and “The Most Valuable Player” are just some of the headlines found in newspapers describing my fights and complete dedication to the sport of team handball for 10 years of my life. Tough trainings, teamwork, and the many wins and losses shaped who I am as a person forever.


Having to retire from the sport due to my injury was very tough, but it showed me that life does not stop there. Quite the opposite, new opportunities and possibilities showed up. Traveling, showing the world, and recreational sport activity became my new passion.


Bachelor’s of Tourism and Recreation at the Academy of Sport and Master’s in Journalism at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland.

1996 – 2005

I worked as a journalist, publisher, and broadcaster in Poznan for the “RMI FM” radio station. Leading my own program, “At the edge of the world,” I took listeners on adventures around the world and shared my practical tips for traveling. Some of my guests included famous adventurers: Ryszard Majcherczyk – the discoverer of the Colca canyon in Peru, or Robert Koperski – cyclist who rode around the earth on two wheels.

from 1999

Mom of two.


Based on my fascination for traveling, I founded my first company Fun Travel. which organizes and guides tours everywhere around the world. I specialize in organizing exclusive tours in the United States for leading Polish companies, closely working with nearly 80 travel agencies.


I moved the headquarters of my company to Marina del Rey, Los Angeles. This change added a sense of freshness, happiness and a lot of Californian sunshine to my work.


I opened YogaCycle, a fitness studio in Manhattan Beach.


In my daily life, I continue to grow as a person while balancing work, family, rest, and activity. Family gives me strength, and I am most proud of raising my two smart and happy kids. Thanks to them, I am able to appreciate every little detail of life and its simplicity. It is the definition of my success.


Soon the premiere of my book „7 days in the 7th heaven” about the United States, and my place within it.